Outreach Organizer

Hypatia Software Org is looking for a new volunteer Outreach Coodinator.

As our volunteer Outreach Coordinator you would be responsible for the implementation and coordination of outreach and community events. You would be the Point of Contact in all event and outreach planning, and oversee all internal and inter-org initiatives such as, but not limited to:

  • Bug bounties
  • Hackathons
  • Workshop

Why should you should join our team today!

At HSO you will find a diverse group of trans and non-binary individuals working to uplift and improve each other’s lives. We believe that the way forward to a better future is found through the unity of sub-communities all working hard to uplift each other and subsequently you will find a welcoming and supportive group of people surrounding you, should you choose to join us.

As our Outreach Coordinator you would get to directly help disenfranchised trans and non-binary individuals achieve a better life quality through your work of coordinating and and implementing initiatives that boost their confidence and skills.

Choose to be part of building a better future for us all and contact us at contact@hypatiasoftware.org