Our staff supports day-to-day operations and consists both of paid and volunteer staff. For board of directors, see the Board of Directors page.

Alice Jenkinson

Developer, Website Administrator

Alice is one of Hypatia Engine‘s lead developers. They have a background in software development and server administration, and use their skills to help out the team in whatever ways possible.

Lisa Maginnis

Interim Technical Chair



Volunteer Coordinator

Meredith is the Volunteer Coordinator at Hypatia. She matches volunteers to internal tasks and coordinates work between teams. In her spare time she plays tabletop roleplaying games and listens to synthpop.

Sophie Mcintyre

Anti-Abuse Committee Chair

Sophie is the Anti-Abuse Committee chair for Hypatia. She is responsible for the training and managing the members of they Anti-Abuse Committee as well as reviewing and implementing Anti-Abuse Policies.

Hana Quinn

Patreon Organizer

Hana is the Patreon Organizer for Hypatia and is responsible for maintaining the profile and rewards we offer to our Patreons.